We all have that friend. The friend who in the middle of the conversation will pause to google whatever it is you're discussing or debating.  Occasionally I find it annoying but more often, especially since I don't have a "smart phone" myself, I find it satisfying and convenient.

Recently, while hanging out with said friend, we all discovered a new game.  Since Google Search has an algorithm for auto completing searches based on the most popular searches out there, we realized that if we just fed in our ethnicities, we could get a pulse on what the masses were thinking about us.

Some were expected, but others, well, others I could not have predicted. Most were hilarious.
And then just a few more because I was curious:

Jess J
04/26/2012 20:50

Ok Google tells me that people want to know why Italians talk with their hands and look Hispanic, and why lawyers defend criminals. I'm an Italian American lawyer who talks with my hands, provides legal assistance to people with criminal records, and is often mistaken for Latina.

Jess J
04/26/2012 20:52

.... Sadly, Googlers using Spanish want to know why Americans hate Mexicans.

04/26/2012 21:32

There's another layer. You're getting personalized results based on what Google thinks you want to see. So your picture of "us" is different from mine. There are things everybody wonders about Chinese people (cats, dogs...) and then there are things only White people wonder (Do Chinese people eat fortune cookies? (Does this make me a hipster?)) http://goo.gl/tvfhX

It's a lens but also a mirror.

Nicole Brennan
10/09/2012 11:25

Oh! This is one of my favorite games! I find Yahoo! Answers to be even more fun* than Google, however. Search for "is it true that [people/place]", and prepare to be amazed.

* ok, "fun" is not exactly the right word... But if you can't laugh at such things, it's just too grim.


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